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      The main difference between the SandBell and SteelBell is the density and size per weight. For example, the diameter of a 4 lb SandBell is 9 inches. A 9 inch diameter SteelBell weighs 10 lb. A 150 lb SteelBell is the same diameter as a 50 lb SandBell.

Another difference is the increased amount of dynamic shifting inside the bell, as the SteelBell is shifted (the steel shot moves more like a liquid than sand, shifting more quickly than sand). Due to the combination of inertia and shifting steel shot, a 20 lb SteelBell feels and responds like a much heavier weight sort of like the difference between picking up a sleeping child and one that is flailing. This shift challenges balance, coordination, core response, and stabilizing muscles.

The SteelBell is safe like the SandBell. It makes for a great kettlebell and medicine ball replacement because you can swing or throw the SteelBell with maximum effort without fear of injury to self or others. No more worries about hitting your knees or ankles or jamming a finger.

  • Safe and soft enough to drop on foot (even at 200lb!) 
  • Grip strength challenged with every exercise 
  • Variable steel density (due to easy fill mechanism) changes grip ability 
  • Quickly shifting steel challenges stabilizing muscles 
  • Perform exercises more vigorously without fear of injury


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Advantages over Kettlebell

  • Grip strength challenge 
  • Shifting steel challenges stabilizing muscles 
  • Variable steel volume which duplicates the characteristics of kettlebell
  • Soft and safe version of a metal or plastic kettlebell
  • Snatch with explosive power at any weight
  • Swing SteelBell vigorously without fear of injury

Special Features: 

  • Beyond the amazing functionality and multiple applications, the SteelBell boasts a patent pending fill mechanism (called a 'Ngazzle' -- pronounced nozzle) which allows the owner to fill or remove steel at their leisure.

    Advantages over Slam Ball, Medicine Ball and Grip Bags

  • Durable enough to slam repeatedly
  • Increase grip strength when tossed and received
  • Great deceleration training at any weight 
  • No fear of jammed fingers
  • Won't roll away when dropped