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No Gym? No Issue...



Training the way it should be...

With one on one personal training sessions you receive more than just a workout. Health Alchemist Training is 100% personal for each client depending on their goals, current state of health, and lifestyle. On top of receiving top level training you also get the freedom of near 24/7 support for any advice or questions. 

I make personal training personal, like it should be!

With One on One Training You Will Receive: 

  • Hands on workouts specifically made for you and your goals
  • Balanced training focused on strength, conditioning, mobility, movement, and longevity
  • Motivational support
  • Advice on Diet & Nutrition 
  • A coach who is knowledgable on the latest scientific health & fitness studies 
  • Personalized .pdf files, ebooks, and videos on any personal health questions or health implications
  • Weekly Newsletter 
  • ...and way more than any conventional "box gym" trainer 

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Training On the Go

Don't have time or enough money for one on one sessions, have no fear! Trainer in a pocket makes it versatile for you to receive workouts, real-time assessments, and goal retention all on your phone or other devices. 


Trainer In A Pocket:

Receive workout programs, stats, and video demonstrations right on your phone. The trainer in a pocket option is based on a monthly subscription. You can choose from three different online training packages. 

Choose from 3 different Packages

Kickass Programs

Speed Up Weight Loss

Stop stressing and make it easier on yourself. Have a professional who knows about diet and nutrition do the hard work for you. Loose weight, eat delicious food, and regain a normal life while slimming down your waist.