2 Yoga Wheel Exercises You NEVER HEARD ABOUT!

Build Great Upper Body Strength with a Yoga Wheel

   These two exercises will help build upper body strength and will assist in muscle fiber recruitment! In other words they will help you muster up more strength within your daily practice 🙌....SAY WHAAA?! I know, namaste 🙏😆🤙

  Now there was a little mistake in the video. When performing the exercise you can start off with a 1:3 Work : Rest ratio (Not Rest : Work ratio). This means you will isomterically contract your muscles as hard as you can for 12 full seconds, then follow it with a 36 second rest. If you feel fatigued or can't contract as good as the first round, simply rest a little longer. 



"Keep on keepin' on!"

-John S. 

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