Sprint Harder and Shred Fat Faster

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Sprint Interval Workout 

   Run like a lion is chasing you! This sprinting workout will challenge your cardiovascular endurance, explosive power, and mental will. Sprinting is a great way to burn fat all while better retaining muscle mass. 



 If you are a beginner or intermediate runner, perform this workout at 90% of your ME (maximum effort). Advanced athletes can perform this workout at 100%-110% ME. Before jumping into the sprints be sure to have your proper running mechanics down. 



5 x 400m (1/4 mile) Sprints 

Have adequate rest between each set. 3-5 minutes. 



Be sure to have proper running mechanics down before jumping into this workout. Consult your doctor before participating in strenuous exercise

John Schaser head trainer and owner of Health Alchemist Training

Writer Bio:  John Schaser is a certified health nut...not sure if I should blatantly state that, or why I'm talking in the third person...anyways I am the founder and owner of Health Alchemist. In my spare time I wrestle bears and day dream about being in nature. Check out my instahoochie...I mean Instagram @health_alchemist

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