Best Exercise For A Happier Spine

Spinal Waves - Spine Mobility Exercise 

Exercise Summary

   From Ido Portal to Conor McGregor, spinal waves have gained a mass amount of popularity. Besides being a cool dance move, spinal waves are a great way to gain control over segmenting each section of the spine (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar). This exercise will help relieve any tension or back pain caused by a stiff, inmobile spine. 


Exercise Steps

Step 1: Watch the full video once through to understand each step and concept of this exercise. 

Step 2: Stand about 1 1/2' feet from a wall. 

Step 3: Begin to practice the spinal waves, leading with the nose first going towards the wall. 

Step 4: Work each part of the spine in sections until the movement becomes more fluid and less rigid. 

Tips & Safety: Relax and breath. Focus solely on your body and pay attention if something does not feel right. If you have a severe back condition consult a medial professional first before attempting this exercise


"keep on keepin' on"

-John S.