Get Your Shit Organized - Priority List Method

Getting Shit Done Doesn't Have To Be Tough!

   Like a whirlwind of stress that turns into a tornado of anxiety, anger, and sadness, not reaching our daily tasks can be a real b*tch. At times it seems like the to do list is never ending. Service the car, cook dinner, finish that business project, walk the dog, groom the cat, take out the trash, call grandma...


Priority list method - stop stress and start getting work done. - Health Alchemist Training

   So how does one avoid this trap of endless tail-chasing? With one simple technique, a PRIORITY LIST! WHAM! BAM! SAY WHAAA? Yeah I know it's incredible! Ok, ok, now you may be wondering, 

"What is a Priority List?" 

Priority list - Get organized Health Alchemist Training

It's simple, basically it is a form of scheduling tasks to get shit accomplished and feel stress-free. The first step of setting up your personal priority list is to clear your mind. Get out a piece of paper and dump everything you need to accomplish out into a list. Now if you want to make it neater, I suggest making 2-3 categories to further organize the list. This is of course, optional.

My go to categories are:

  • Must Do 
  • Work 
  • Personal

   Step one is done son! Now let us stop fucking around and get to the next phase of putting these tasks into our daily schedule. Since it is called a "Priority List" we want to place the highest priority tasks into our schedule. Think of these as things that, if not accomplished, will affect our day to day life. 


Task 1: Pay the electric bill  ➡️ This is a huge priority, unless you enjoy living in the dark. 

Task 2: Washing the car  ➡️ This can be a lesser priority since it is not urgent and can get done whenever. 

   *Remember to tackle the huge priorities first, then accomplish the lesser tasks when they can fit into your schedule, or when free time is available. Many fall into the trap of doing "busy work" without actually completing important tasks. 

   Final Phase! Perform writing your priority list on the daily! Make it a conscious habit to rewrite your priority before the beginning of every day. This cab be done the morning of, or night before the next upcoming day. This will keep goals fresh in your mind as well as clarify what is a bigger priority for that day. 


   I've been there and it blows. Being proactive and accomplishing tasks is good, but stress and burning our is not. Be sure to add enjoyable tasks and relax time into your daily schedule. This way you have a reward to work towards for each day. 

   Over time this method of scheduling tasks and reaching goals will become very enjoyable. There's always something gratifying about crossing a well overdue tasks off of a list. Give the Priority List Method a try, and feel the difference in your daily productivity


"keep on keepin' on"

- John S.