Cell Phones From HELL - Are You Addicted to Your Device?

Cell Phone Addiction - The Most Neglected Mental Health Issue Today

Depression, anxiety, loss of communicational skills...could this all be caused by the device is your pocket? It can be and it will when...bum, bum, bum, WHEN CELL PHONES ATTACK!!!

Ok, all fun aside, this podcast is dedicated to a topic that many people suffer from and that is cell phone addiction. I know, you're probably already thinking in your head - "Hell, my cell phone ain't got shit on me fool!" To that I say, listen to this podcast first, then try telling me you don't have symptoms of cell phone addiction. 

Beside discussing the tell tale signs of cell phone addiction I also give out a few tips to help you break the habit! Enjoy :)

*Disclaimer: Adult Language is used in podcast.


"keep on keepin' on" 

- John S. 

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