Hip Thrust 10x's HARDER! - Pelvic Mobility Drills

   The pelvis, it's not just used for those late night "bedroom workouts" 😉. Many gurus and health experts preach about hip, spinal, and shoulder mobility, but rarely will mention the pelvis. To have the ability to articulate the pelvis is crucial for developing correct posture, better movement patterns, and a healthier spine. As crazy as it may seem, moving that money maker does more than get looks on the dance floor! 

    What we need to do first is shift our perspective on how we view the pelvis. Think of it as the "root" of the spine.  All movements made by the body derive from the pelvis. Whether it is walking, standing, squatting, sitting, whatever it is the pelvis plays a huge role. The problem herein lies within the lack of control or thoughtful movement that can happen in the pelvic area. Look at those who begin dance lessons. They are usually stiff as a board. In the distance the dance instructor is yelling; "move those hips!" But in the poor demise of the student, they have no clue on how to do such a thing. This lack of active movement in the pelvis can assist in a lack of hip mobility and spinal articulation (fancy way of saying moving segments of the spine). 

      If you're beginning to question your own pelvic mobility, have no fear! I am going to show you two simple, yes SIMPLE, pelvic mobility drills that get you moving. These will help build the much needed mind body connection and work towards actively isolating pelvic movements.


Pelvic Drill #1: Baby Makers!..I mean hip thrusts. 


Pelvic Drill #2: The Bachata (Aka, Side pelvic tilts) 



Quick Cues:

  • Be sure to take the drills slow! Really focus on isolating the pelvis and use as little compensation as possible.

  • Keep a slight bend the knees.

  • Breathe Damn It!

  • Avoid leaning into the movements.

   After you have the two drills down, over time you can blend the two together and perform full rotations. Example provided below: 

   Practice these drills everyday to get the best results! Incorporate them into your warm ups before working out. Get moving as soon as you get up in the morning and get that pelvis in motion. Or even perform them when hitting the dance floor! The more your practice these drills the faster you will reap the mobility benefits. Have fun and keep those hips moving! 

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"Keep on keepin' on!" 

- John S.