Build Shoulders of STEEL! Kettlebell Overhead Press

KB Overhead Press - Upper Body Push Exercise


   The kettlebell press is a crucial exercise to master since it can be utilized in so many workouts! It's great for building upper body strength, shoulder stability, and broad shoulders. This press variation is referred to as a straight/stacked press, where one is creating skeletal alignment within the exercise. This case, pressing straight out of the bottom position. 


Exercise Steps

  1. Bring the kettlebell into the clean/rack position
  2. Engage the core and irradiate tension throughout the whole body (contracting every muscle in the body). 
  3. Drive force upward and press kettlebell overhead (bicep in-line with ear). 


Perform 5 rounds of 5 reps with a challenging weight. Utilize adequate rest between rounds. 


Tips & Safety 

Be sure to have full shoulder range of motion and form down to avoid injury. Consult a doctor before participating in strenuous exercise. 

John Schaser - Head Trainer and owner of Health Alchemist Training

Writer Bio:  John Schaser is a certified health nut...not sure if I should blatantly state that, or why I'm talking in the third person...anyways I am the founder and owner of Health Alchemist. In my spare time I wrestle bears and day dream about being in nature. Check out my instahoochie...I mean Instagram @health_alchemist

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