Ultimate Hamstring Stretch - Simple Yet Effective

High Hinge Dowel Twist - Hamstring Flexibility and Mobility Drill


  If you suffer from tight hamstrings, fear NO more! This standing hamstring stretch is very useful for improving hip hinge mobility, the kettlebell swing, and even deadlifting. There is minimal equipment needed and this drill can even be performed at home.


Exercise Steps

  1. Place the dowel or PVC pipe on top of shoulders.

  2. Keep a slight bend in your knees

  3. Hinge at the hips.

  4. *Optional twist: Rotate toward one side bending the opposite knee you are rotating towards.

Mobility Rx

Hold the high hinge position for at a minimum of 2 minutes. Proceeding that you have the option to perform towel twists, rotating from side to side. Perform 10 each per side.


Tips & Safety 

Listen to your body and do not stay in stretch if pain occurs. Be sure to ease into the movement and work towards the twisting progression. Do not force it.

John Schaser - Head Trainer and owner of Health Alchemist Training

Writer Bio:  John Schaser is a certified health nut...not sure if I should blatantly state that, or why I'm talking in the third person...anyways I am the founder and owner of Health Alchemist. In my spare time I wrestle bears and day dream about being in nature. Check out my instahoochie...I mean Instagram @health_alchemist

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