How Much Can You Endure? Bodyweight Endurance Workout

Whether you're tight on cash or getting tired of the typical gym routine, this workout will challenge yourself. 

   The best part of this workout is that you would only need your bodyweight and something to perform pushups on. THAT'S IT! This workout will test your muscular endurance while shredding fat from your frame. Click here to learn why bodyweight training rocks. 

Bodyweight Endurance Workout - Health Alchemist Training


   This workout is set up in AMRAP style (as many rounds as possible). Basically you will set a timer for 5 minutes, then begin the first exercise peforming the set amount of reps. Once the first exercise is complete, move onto the next exercise working down the list. When all the exercises are complete that is considered one round. The goal is to complete as many rounds within the 5 minute time frame. For a more advanced workout you can lengthen the amount of time to 10 minutes.

    *Note: Your form should not break down during this workout. If you are feeling fatigued, and your form is suffering, take a brief break. Then hop back into it when you feel ready. Make sure to pace yourself, many people burnout within the first minute. 


5 Minute AMRAP

  1. Pushups x 5 reps   -  Learn How             

  2. Pullups x 5 reps   - LEARN HOW                           

  3. Body weight Squats x 5 reps   - LEARN HOW

  4. Hollow Lifts x 5 reps   -  LEARN HOW


"keep on keepin' on"

-John S.