Your Body, The Spaceship

 Why not say fuck it to everything and start eating cheeto's in a bean bag chair?...

    Or shove whatever sugary substance we can find into our face-holes? To counter this argument I am going to use a "scifi related analogy."

    Many people love star wars, star trek, or anything involving space, spandex, and hot alien chicks. Let's just imagine that our body is a spaceship. Now our spirit, soul, consciousness, whatever you'd lie to call it is in the cock-pitt and serves as the captain of the spaceship. Just like any space odyssey, the journey through space (the jourey through life) is not all sunshine and roses. There are times when your ship will ungergo atack, fly off course, and receive damages. From there it's our job to determine whether to repair it or not.   

    Some individuals may ignore the alerts, buzzers, and signals the ship is giving to the captain. Much like how the majority of people treat their bodies. They just keep flying through space thinking everything is fine until an engine blows or somekind of catastrophic event occurs. Similar situations happen when those same type of individuals over-train, unconcsciously eat unheathly foods, or completly ignore their health until a fatal scare wakes them up. It is up to the captain to oversee and ensure that the ship (body) stays functional.  

    Being the captains of our own ships we have choices on what fuel (foods) that we can utilize to keep the journey going. We can fill it with poor fuel (junk food) that will keep the ship moving along, but not optimally, or we can fuel the ship with the highest quality of fuel. Doing so will make the space journey (journey through life) that much easier giving the captain a form of mental clarity. Some fuels may trick one to think they are beneficial due to the pleasure signals that are reciportcated by the captain. But to function at our highest compacity the captain has to choose the best fuel to ensure they are traveling through their journey at the most optimal level. 

    This is how I like to view the human body. It's the shuttle that gets us through life. We can treat it well and bask in all that it has to offer. Or we can treat it like shit and just get by in life. The choice is completely up to us, so choose wisely. Would you rather have a TIE fighter as your ship, or a the Millenium Falcon? 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser