Walking on Stilts

 My legs stiff, ankles tight, and hips immobile, I felt as if I was walking on stilts for legs. I have a love hate relationship with training styles that people deem bodybuilding or hypertrophy parameters. The aesthetics are great and help tremendously with self confidence. Yet I from a functional standpoint it blows. 

        In a portion of my fitness journey my main goal was to build muscle. So I followed a basic periodization template that went through four microcyles, and switched up exercises every mesocyle. As I gained muscle I began to become more stiff and less mobile. Back then I was completely unaware of the mobility techniques that I know of now. I did my basic stretches and bam I was back in action, or so I thought. 
        One day I distinctly remember walking in my basement gym and nearly loosing my balance. I almost busted my ass to avoid tripping over a weight. Having 2x4's for legs my reaction time was slow, my balance was way off,  and I was very close to landing my full weight onto my knees. That's when I had a huge epiphany and realized... 

“This shit is not good”

         From that point on I took a broader look at fitness and realized theres more to it than just looking sexy. Everyone seems to get caught in the proverbial rut of just exercising to achieve  a six-pack. Don't get me wrong it's nice to look good, yet we should not neglect all the other functional aspects of fitness. Power, stability, balance, strength, and conditioning all play a major role in how we can function better throughout our daily lives. 
        At the end of the day I look at it like this, if you're not trying to compete to become a bodybuilder why train like one? I think everyone should ask themselves that question and be 100% honest. If we don't know our true fitness goals, we are just killing time in the gym. Focus on all apscets of fitness and make your goal to become a functionally-strong-human-badass. And don't worry, you'll still get a six pack. 

"keep on, keepin' on"

-John D Schaser