Top Crutch For Gym-Goer's!

 Besides being just a platform for douche-bros to check themselves out when they get their "pump on," mirrors can have their benefit. 

        Many people just starting out in their fitness journey may find mirrors helpful becuase they can see their form happen in real time. Form is crucial to all exercises, and it's what I stress on the most. It is the pivitol part of the exercise equation that will either decipher whether you will see continual gains, or just have an injury. Mirrors can have instant neural feedback making the person performing the exercise feel good becuase they are performing the exercise correctly. 
        My issue with mirrors are that they can become a crutch over time and cause bad habits to form. When someone is constantly looking into the mirror to check their form they usually have to  look straight ahead (unless its a freaky gym with mirrors on the ceiling).  But are you seeing where I am going with this? So for example if someone is in a bottom of a squat and "kipp" (my term for uneceassary movement) the head upward to look in the mirror, the "true form" is lost. True form simply means that their spine (including neck) is no longer in a strong, straight, neutral position. 
        This could happen to a laundrey list of exercises; deadifts, rows, pushups, any hinge movements, any squat movements. It's a bad habit and mirrors accentuate it. 

So what is the solution? 

            A. Join a gym without mirrors (ussually box or garage style gyms)
            B. Turn your back to mirrors. 

       By doing so it forces us to use more brain power to "feel" and know where portions of our bodies are located in a 3-dimensial space. This is what trully engraves that brain to muscle signal that is needed for any movement. The easiest way to get into this habit is to have a friend coach you through an exercise. From here you can know what the true form feels like and know if you are slipping up. If you are lonely and have no friends (sorry to hear that),  just record yourself on your phone and replay the video. See where there needs to be adjustments and focus on correcting it. One thing to never forget is always keep true form within the spine. Keep that bitch in line! 
            Not having to rely on mirrors makes working out anywhere a breeze. So be a boss, focus on those movements, and engrave that neural connection to make each exercise the best it can be. Plus enjoy the gains that will come imedietaly after. (; 

"keep on keepin' on"

-John Schaser