Trainer's Loss of Reality

 In the health and fitness industry there are many true and huge fallacies. 

  One of my favorite being the naivete of how trainers, fitness youtubers, and bodybuilders think. It happpens over time, that when immersed in a world surrounded be health and fitness they tend to forget how reality, and the rest of the world functions. I laugh at the fact when the majority of diet advice from fitness enthusiasts is to meal prep with thousands of pieces of tupperware. To many that is the end all be all succsessor of weight loss, muscle gain, and being healthy. I like to throw that shit out the window. 

“Why you may ask?”

  Beacause it's unreal... Let that sink in a bit. Remember that the majority of people live average lives. When being in the fitness industry many people tend to forget how hectic life can be. The majority of hard working, tax paying, family loving people who pay for personal training work on average 8hrs a day. Then they may have families which might take up time in their mornings and evenings. They have stressors like bills. They want to have a social life. They want to enjoy life... See where I'm going with this?
    Sometimes trainers within the fitness industry should to go out and work an average job just to realize the struggles of life. Now I'm not defending any kind of procastination, laziness, or excuses. Yet my fitness-knowledge-ego is not stuck so far up my ass that I forget how the rest of the world functions. So let me shoot some ideas like a firing squad that may make some fitness gurus balk. 

  •     Not everyone can meal prep or eat every two hours totaling 8 meals a day. 
  •     Not everyone wants to live in the gym and workout for 2hours. 
  •     Not everyone cares about what supplement you are trying to sell. 
  •     Not everyone can get a full 8hours of sleep.

  At the end of the day if you work in the fitness industry try this piece of advice. Every once in a while dip your toes back into the real world and get out of the gym. Realize how the average person functions throughout their day, and from there find ways of implementing your knoweldge to help them. When it's all said and done, no one likes fitness dogmas telling them what to do.

"keep on, keepin' on"

-John D Schaser