That's Not Protein Its Corn

 My beef with Quest Bars...yep I'm going to ruin them for ya. When it comes down to it the fitness industry loves one thing, and that is protein. No matter who you look at, what their fitness background may be, they will all say the same thing, "gotta get that protien." But its not protein that I'm not vibing with, it's how companies portray their protien products.

    First off whey is not the best form of protien. There I said it, now that the word is out I better finish this blog post. Before long all the douche-bros will come to crucify me on a cross made of empty protein powder containers. 

Two Reason why I don't love Whey: (Click here for more reasons)

  1. Whey protein supplements are not regulated by the FDA.
  2. Majority of Whey supplements contain heavy metal contaminants. 

   Some brands of protein do go the extra mile to esure it is the greatest quality available. But the mass majoity of people have a hard time affording a tub of cold-pressed-cross-flow-microfiltration-grass-fed-happy-cow-organic protein powder. I've been there and trust me its not cheap.

My biggest issue with Quest bars are when say "low carb" and "low sugar." Quest bars have been blowing up latley due to these distinct features. So how do they do it you may ask? The answer is simple, CORN!


“Wait, so John, you’re telling me I’m eating a corn bar?
Yes sadly you and thousands of other people are as well”

   If we really stop to deeply analyze it, Quest Bars are like a Super-Deluxe-Corn-Bar that give us gas in the process. The cows are fed corn, the bar is held together by corn soluble fibre, and the dietary fiber comes from corn.

   The ingredient that gives Quest bars low net-carbs is isomalto-oligosaccharides. Besides being the favorite crop of Kansas, corn in America has a ugly background of being sprayed with nasty pesticideds like Atrazine.

   So why do they use soluble corn fibre? It's quiet simple:

  • A. It's cheap and sweet.
  • B. It holds the bars together.

   If you have not attempted to make homemade protein bars it's pretty difficult. The reason is because when making any kind of bar there needs to be a sticky substance that will bind all of the dry ingredidents together. The reason Quest does not use honey or other syrups is due to the sugar content. 

Having a protein bar low in carbs and sugar is amlost as impossible as gaining muscle and burning fat. Yet I believe the latter is more easily accessible. To wrap this up and call it a corn-fart-bar, I reccomend you take a second look when deciding to purchase a Quest or similar protein bars. Do your body a service and eat as whole of foods as possible and skip the wanna be protein junk.

"Keep on Keepin' On"

-John Schaser