STAND UP! to stand-up desks...

Stand up desks...STAND Up desks....STAND UP DESKS!!!!

   If you pay attention to any recent fitness crazes, standup desks have been the pincale of office health. Since sitting down is so damaging to one's health, and trust me it is horrible for one's health, I'm probably going to be the first fitness professional to bash the idocracy of stand up desks. Let us begin....

   Now before you get your feathers all ruffled, read this post with an open mind. I have personally purchased a standup desk aparatus for my computer. I found that sitting and trying to squat infront of a table or desk both suck, so instead of spending $200-$300 for a whole new standup desk set-up, I figured why not just buy a stand for $50. 

   I'm only mentioning this insight of my life so anyone reading this can understand that I own and use a standup desk. I'm going to play the devil's advocate on this one and point out the falacies of stand up desks. 

First- they still can cause tight musculature, poor posture, and turn legs into 2x4's. 

   The underlining issue is not merely sitting, it is imobility, a.k.a not moving. Just because someone is standing and not sitting doesn't' make much of a difference, it's only slightly better. 

   Many people don't know how to stand, meaning their posture is shit, especially when typing for 7-8hrs on plastic keys. The most common posture faults I see are; collapsed arches, collapsed ankles, rounded shoulder, neck jutt, anterior pevlice tilt, downward tilted ribcage, and locked knees. Just becuase the woman on the stand up desk advertisement is standing with perfect posture does not mean the average person will have the same outcome. Last time I checked, stand up desks didn't come with posture assessments or directions on "how to stand." 

   Now beyond poor posture let me use myself as an example. Being a posture nazi, and always being conscious of my posture, I still have noticed negative consequences when using a standup desk. 

  1.     My feet became more sore/fatigued.
  2.     My calves have became taunt.
  3.     My glutes and hamstrings became slightly less mobile.

    Literally my whole lower body started becoming stiff like a plank of wood. Since I perform mobility and movemnet practices constantly, these issues didn't affect my quality of life too much. Yet, and I mean YET! For the average person this is rare. It's hard to come by people who practice mobility/movement training, but if you do, kudos to you! 
    For the individual who doens't practice mobiltiy, using a stand up desk could eventually make their legs become two oaks trees balancing under a pelvis. Weird right? 

  "So what's the verdict your honor?" 

 "Guilty! Death penatly is issued, sorry Harry but your desk job has got to go." (Just kidding). 

    The real, "true" solution to the stand up desk - sit down desk debacle is not merely moving your meat wagon vertically, it is to MOVE your meat wagon. Yup move.... 
    Become more avctive in your work place or where ever your stand up desk is located. Don't just stand there for 8+ hours in one posistion, MOVE damn it! 

Heres a list for those who don't know what moving entails: 

  •    Walking
  •     Lunging 
  •     Squatting
  •     Walking to go pee
  •     Dancing
  •     Moving your hips

    .....basically anything that keeps your body from staying in one position for hours. 

   That's it! If you decide to make the switch to a standup desk just rememebr to keep your posture in check, move, and don't be afraid to give your legs a break once in a while. 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser