Shred Off Baby FAT FLAB!

Simply get 200cc's of Lidocaine, inject it into the unwanted flab. Then proceed to cut it off with a dull butterknife once the numbing agent sets in....Just kidding! But that would be trippy though right?

    Even though for women having a baby can be the most magical thing in the world, having left over "baby-fat" is not. So how do we get rid of this menacing flab? It involves a few key steps. 

 Step 1:

    Analyze your diet. Most pregnant women have varying diets with a hint of junk food here and there (not a biggie). Yet majority of those women tend to keep the same eating paterns, even after birth. Start by cutting out everything that has sugar or that is processed. If it has more than four ingredients, THROW IT OUT! Start eating a very clean whole food based diet. That alone should make a big difference. 

Step Dos! (Two in Espanol): 

    Begin lifting heavier weights with perfrect form. Over time I have scene this mistake occur more than it should, women being scared to lift heavy weights. I understand you don't want to get bulky like the "she-hulk," but in reality that doesn't happen. A woman's body does not produce enough testosterone to make it appear bulky like a man's body. 
    Perform whole body compound movements like deadlifts, squats, olympic lifts, etc, with perfect form. Use a weight that is heavy enough to be challenging but not too heavy that the form (proper exercise movement) is broken. Lifting heavy weight will burn more calories and fat in the long run.

 Step Tre! (Three in Italian, gotta keep ya on your toes): 

    Perform HIIT Cardio and not steady-state cardio. We all love nice long sessions on the eliptical...but that's not a fast enough method to fry that flab off those hidden abs. HIIT cardio stands for "high intensity interval training." By using this form of stop and go cardio, more calories and more fat will be burned while maintaining toned muscle. The workouts are intenese but shorter giving you extra time at the end of the day to relax. Ain't that nice... 

    Use this progression below to start. Take it easy and slowly work up to longer intervals. 
    Beginner: 15 seconds jump squats : 1 minute rest X 5 rounds
    Intermediate: 30 seconds jump squats : 1 minute rest X 5 rounds
    Badass: 1minute jump squats : 30 seconds rest X 5 rounds

    These 3 easy steps are great for women looking to get rid of what your children have left behind. 

 -Keep on Keepin' on
John D. Schaser