≤Show Notes≥ Podcast w. Paul Firepower Gray

Show Notes:

    In this podcast I had the chance to speak with Paul Firepower Gray. He is from the UK, he owns Firepower gym, and is a very knowledgeable coach. We talked about a mixture of topics, from movement and mobility, to cookie cutter answers and training clients...plus way more. Below is a brief compilation of quotes from Paul that I thought were interesting. 

"...what I want to try to do with people is give them the firepower, the skills, and tools not to get worn down by life...help people become their own super hero..."

"...my standpoint on health...from my perspective my focus is on health. So my training for me, and my training for my clients is solely to be pain free, and to be able to move better in ten years time..."

"...I care more about health first, then when someone's structure is able to take a certain amount of stress, I will push them towards performance. If that performance starts to breakdown I go back to working for health..."

"...to me what I mark as fitness,holistic strength, and holistic fitness, is to have a balance of all of those...the balance between all of them is something I call the graphic equalizer of health & fitness...if we talk about the fitness graphic equalizer, one of those sliding switches is cardiovascular health, one is flexibility, another is strength. So all of those sliding switches need to be in a straight line. Then we start to push the whole straight line up...we don't just push the strength up 100% to the top, and put the flexibility at 0%. That's how people get hurt or injured..."

You can check out Paul's website by clicking HERE

"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

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