[Show Notes] Podcast w. Justin Heinle

Show Notes:

    Below is a compilation of quotes from my podcast with Justin Heinle. For a little background information Justin is the owner and coach at Live More Human. He's from Sarver Pennsylvania where his gym is located, he farms, has his own obstacle course, and is an all around cool guy to chat with. I highly suggest listening to the whole podcast if you have any interest in health or fitness. Justin's ideas and philosophies go way beyond simply just working out. 

"Whenever you put effort into something, the results come and you enjoy those results, as apposed to when everything is just on autopilot. "
"My goal is to just move people from autopilot as much as possible, because autopilot numbs us."
"Movement is thinking..."
..."I see people get good results in terms of building muscle mass, but they don't seem like satisfied people. They just hang onto their result of 'see its working, my deadlift is getting better.' 'So you're stronger in your deadlift but are you experiencing life anymore than you started this fitness thing?"
Nothing is the answer anymore than the next thing... That's the velitation that we need to go after...stop looking for some answers, stop jumping from shiny object to shiny object, and just put the fucking work in with one thing that resonates with you."
"...you can make up any exercise, any coaching cue if you're looking at the body as one unit and the principles of what goes into that unit."
"...instead of more rules on your life I want less rules, I want more critical thinking, more creativity of the life you want to live."
"...if someone wants to train with me I have one general rule, consistent communication, and that will drive consistent growth."


"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

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