[Show Notes] Podcast Ep#:77 w. F.P De Leon

Episode Show Notes: 


1:25 How did you get involved in the health and fitness industry? 

10:00 How to teach individuals how to listen to their body's. 

12:50 What is active range of motion (ROM)?

16:20 Apologizing for the fitness industry.

18:26 Maturity and the fitness journey. 

21:20 What is the importance of posture?

28:55 A correlation between philosophy and movement. 

32:10 How to reverse the immediate mindset 

44:30 How an environment can effect health and posture for an individual.  

45:50 The fitness industry reality bubble. 

48:30 How to become healthy in a hectic life. 

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website: www.moveandthewaywillopen.com

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"Keep On Keepin' On"

-John D Schaser

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