MCT Oil [Experiment & Review]

Energy! Stamina! Rock hard erect....uhh well maybe not that.

   There's a lot of hype behind MCT Oil lately. I suppose people couldn't get enough of regular coconut oil so they had to rev it up and make it X-TREME!!! The outcome then became MCT Oil. 

   Companies will market any new supplement making it appear to be the world's latest "magic pill." MCT oil is one of those supplements that's been riding on the hype train. I suppose people couldn't get enough of coconut oil, so they had to make their own in a lab so it can be truly X-TREME!!! But before I get ahead, let me explain what MCT oil is and if you should even bother buying it. 

   MCT oil is a fluid that causes you to crap your pants. I mean it give you extra energy?...yeah let's go with that. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. Now before you run off and grab a dictionary the name says it all. 

  • M = Medium, which stands for the length of the chemical structure 
  • C = Is the chain which is comprised of carbon molecules 
  • T = Triglycerides, otherwise known as fats. 

   Ironically MCT oils are naturally occurring and can be found in coconut oil. Four of which are; C6, C8, C10, and C12. 

Calm down, I'm not going Bill Nye the-science-guy on ya.

   Though MCT's are found in coconut oil, the numbers are a bit low for supplement industry standards. Thus was born MCT oils, an action pack fluid the whole family can enjoy! The reason MCT oil has so much hype is that it can increase energy and stamina, or so they say. When consumed MCT's are not processed by the liver, they are absorbed quickly into the brain and body, hence the marketing ploy. But here's the catch. 

Not All MCT's Are Created Equal!

   Remember our science lesson earlier of the four types of MCT oils? Technically C12 and Lauric Acid are not true MCT's. Why do I bring this up? Vast companies that create and market MCT oil use these  oils and sell it as "fast-acting-instant-energy MCT oil, or something similar. C12 and Lauric Acid are truly LCT (long chain triglycerides) which means that they are processed by the liver. They are NOT "fast acting" or quickly absorbed for energy." This is why some brands of MCT oil will leave you feeling energized and others crapping your pants. 

   So to dispel the hype I took it into my own hands to experiment with said MCT oils. I found a highly reviewed budget brand on Amazon that wouldn't burn a hole in my pocket, or send me into supplement debt hell...MUHAHAHA! (supplement devil laughing there). The brand I choose was Left Coast Performance's 100% Premium MCT Oil. It is one of their the bestsellers, it contains C8 and C10 MCT oils, and does not contain any LCT's. 

   Now for the truth, this MCT oil did not taste horrible in my morning coffee. Yet just like coconut oil in coffee, if you let it sit, then take a sip, you'll be slurping nothing but oil. Not the most pleasant taste someone can have in their mouth. 

Rule #1: Stir then Sip!

   The more I experimented with MCT oil I did feel a slight pep in my step, but nothing dramatic. For all I know it could have been a concoction of coffee and placebo effect. Also I didn't feel all day energy like the bottle claimed. All in all I closely relate the effects to that of regular coconut oil. 

   Now don't take my experience with MCT oil as proof that it is all peanut butter but no jelly. Everyone's body and state of health vary, so what may not work for me, may work for you. Realize that MCT oil can be a good alternative if you would like some healthy fats in your diet. Give it a try and see if you reap any benefits from it. But if you're on a budget I would recommend just buying a good 'ol tub of coconut oil and save the cash. 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser