Know Thy Poop!

Not long ago I made a facebook post about, you guessed it, taking a #2 (shit). 

    Everyone seemed to like it so much that I decided to make a blog devoted to America's favorite pass-time. What boggles my mind is how little the average person actually poops. From recently interviewing countless people, on average each person stated they are lucky to poop just once in a day...say what?
        The best way to imagine this dilemma is to imagine the human body as a machine, and food as the fuel. No different than exhaust fumes from burned fossil-fuel, the food we eat has a similar by-product (dookey). But when everything is backed up, the machine (your body) is not going to run well. That's like clogging the exhaust pipe on a car to see what happens. 

So how do we unclog those bowels and make everything flow like the Hudson River?

    Step 1: Drink more water! I'm not suprised anymore when clients tell me they only drink 1 glass of water a day. Drinking water aids in digestion and keeps the body hydrated. Water helps break down food and softens stool which prevents pesky constipation. 

    Step 2: Analyze thy poo! Yep you're going to have to peek into the toilet bowl for this one. Just by looking at the consistency of poop it can tell us a lot about what is occuring in the body. These 3 descriptions should help out.

  • Cracked lumpy poo (almost like dry play-doh) is an indication of upcoming constipation. 
  • Wet watery poo is a sign that the bowels may be irritated or inflamed. This can be a sign of possible upcoming diarrhea. 
  • Smooth soft looking stool reveals that everything down under is peforming correctly. It's also a big sign of a healthy poo.

    Step 3: Drink a Shit Cocktail...maybe I should reiterate that...
    Drink a Poo-Happy Cocktail...?
    Eh, I tried....

 If pooping is still becoming difficult try out these two options: 

Option #1: In the morning drink a tall cold glass of lemon water with 3 drops of cayenne pepper hot sauce (ex: Louisiana brand hot sauce). This little cocktail does a great job of cleaning out the liver and bowels. 

Option #2: This involves grandma's favorite snack, ground flaxseed. This fine powdered seed is a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and aids in digestion. Add a tablespoon to some food, drink it in water, or just eat it out of the bag like a champ. 

    By drinking more water, analyzing your stool, and trying out a healthy poo-cocktail, you should see a big difference in your poop frequency. Not only will you feel better, your body will thank you in the process. Even if you don't implement all the steps within this blog, at least you learned a bunch of new ways to refer to poop. 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser