Hidden Secret about Abs

They're rigid, solid, and feel like steel, basically any description of abs just sounds like a bad pick up line.

        Now I'm not riffing on abs because millions of men use them for sales incentives for underwear, instragram followers, fitness magazines, and protein powders. The reason why abs can suck is that they can make your body suffer, let me explain.
        After performing a set of 102 1/2 crunches, the average human would feel a mild burn in their midline region. The rectus abdominus (Abs) muscle fibers have been ripped and torn on a micro level and now need time to rest. Basic muscle building bro-science. So what ussually happens when muscles rip, tear, and repair? They become tighter, hence why we need to stretch frequently. The biggest issue is 80% of humans who activley exercise do not stretch they're abs or even know how. 

But have no fear kids because the Health Alchemist (da da da daaa!) is here to save the day! 

       Now before I jump right into the nitty gritty let me explain why this is so crucial for happy Abs. When our Abs become tight it affects deeper muscles besides just the superficial ones we all see. Psoas major, transverse abdominis, diaphram, and internal/exeternal obliques, comprise the abdominals. Combined when all these muscles become tight it can restrict our breathing making it very hard to breathe into our stomaches. If not corrected over time this can cause abnormal breathing patterns to develop, like chest breathing, breathe holding, & shoulder breathing.

“Nah bro I don’t need to breath, my abs use simple diffusion to get oxygen”

— Said no douche-bro ever...

So whats the solution? Belly Smash!

    Belly smashing breaks up the scar tissue and tight fascia within the abdominal region. It's simple to do and the only piece of equipment needed is a ball. 

    Dependent on how deep you want to attack those muscles depends on the ball size. For beginners I recommend using a partially deflated soccer ball. Place the ball anyhwere on the abdominals and start rolling. If you feel a tight spot stay on it and move the body around. After the tension feels slightly released move on. After doing 5 or more minutes of belly smashing you will feel less stomach tension and the ability to breathe deeper.

         If you would like more info on belly smashing, breathing, or personal training, feel free to email or message me and I'll be glad to help. :)    

"Keep on Keepin' on"

_ John D Schaser