Death to Bodybuilding

 Much like any other young kid who first got into fitness, bodybuilding was my main goal from the very beginning of my training. All I wanted was to look bigger, more muscluar, and feel stronger, in case ya know, someone tries playing some fisticuffs with me. After reaching my goal I felt great and thought that I hit my pinnacle fitness acheivment. Yet shortly after I felt a bit empty inside. 

   I believe this is the turning ponit that many young men and women fall into after taking their first couple big strides along their fitness journey. Bodybuilding is fun when you have the goal to gain muscle and become bigger. Yet there comes a point of realization that makes an individual say, 

“this is useless.”


   Theres a time and place when it comes to bodybuilding. It can become beneficial yet I do not think it is the end all be all form of training. Through my experience it made me feel useless. Whats that point of gaining size if it's not making your daily life easier? It does not help pain reduction, flexibility, speed, power, or movement. At it's peak bodybuilding made me slow and comprosmised. My body was like a Mercedes, but with a VW beetle engine inside (Ido Portal analogy).

   The totality of bodybuilding began to become boring and less challenging. Pick weights up, put then down, rest, and repeat. That is why I began delving into more aspects of fitness to feed my itch. Martial arts, gymnastics, strength, crossfit, yoga, power training, to name a few. All these modalities combined have made me into a more fuctional, stronger, and happier human being. 
   My main point is this, when the time comes and you reach the inevitable cliff of the bodybuilding journey, don't just turn back and stick with the same boring parameters. Jump off and experience all other aspects of training. It will bring back that same spark we all once had as young men/women just trying to get bigger.

"keep on keepin' on"

_John D Schaser