Bullshit or Science? Blue-light Filtering Glasses [Experiment]

We all know smartphones are terrible for our health and overall well being. C'mon once sexting died off what was the point of even having smartphones?...different topic for another blog.

    Regardless, bluetooth signals, wifi signals, radiowaves, and bluelight all constantly attack us from those addictive pieces of plastic and metal (cell phones). Now the topic of the day class is bluelight, and why it is the devil! You hear me bluelight? You da devil! Technically bluelight is not the devil and will not kill us, yet it can kill our sleep cylce, which, in turn, effects our health

   See, all bright synthetic lighting, especially that emmitted from fluorescent lights and electronic devices, mess with our sleep cycle. This cycle is called our circadian rhythm. It's our bare-bones interal clock that tells our bodies when to wake up and when to go nighty-nighty. Our circadian rhythms are regulated by little nuclei called suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN). These little buggers run pathways from our eyes to the center of that mushy thing called our brain (Circadian Rhythms. "UCLA Health. N.p.,n.d.Web). So when the sun is shinning the SCN send a signal to the body to get the hell up. Then when it begins to get dark outside the SCN prepares the body for sleep. 

  "So what's this have to do with phones and lights?"

   What happens is the bluelight emmitted from florescent light and electronic devices screw up our circadian rhythms. Ever watch a movie before bed and wake up feeling like a flamming bag of dog poo? If so, it's due to bluelight. Studies have shown bluelight supresses melatonin (sleep hormone in the brain), increases cortisol (stress hormone), increases the chance of diabetes and various forms of cancer ("Blue Light Has a Dark Side-Harvard Health." Hard Health <-italic .N.p.,n.d.Web. 31 Oct. 2016). 

So what's the solution to this epidemic? 

   A lot of hype has been behind "blue light filtering glasses." So like the nerd that I am, I bought two pairs and begun experimenting. I wanted to be realistic and purchase something that the average person could afford. C'mon it's just orange lenses and a plastic frame, we don't need to break the bank. I went to amazon and bought two pairs around $10-$15 a piece. 

  • Gamma Ray Flexlite Computers Reader Glasses

  • True Gear ishield Computer Glasses

  "Ok Doc...what's the results?"
  "Well Timmy, the bluelight filtering glasses weren't a complete waste of money after all."

   -Family cheers [Full house music begins to play] - 

   Yup, whether it be science or placebo effect, I did see a difference with my sleep patterns using the glasses from dusk to dawn. Some of the perks weren't too bad. The glasses didnt' look completely dorky, people thought I looked like Clark Kent (superman), and I slept more deeply and felt great upon waking up. I suggest buying a pair and trying them out for yourself. Nevertheless this won't be the last blog where I talk about sleep cycles and bluelight...[;

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser