Big Booty + Waist Trainer = NOT HEALTHY!

Theres been a huge craze lately, and when I mean huge I'm not talking about ass sizes. Women have been drawn towards acheiving bigger butts with a slim petite waist. Just like one of the Kardashians. Sorry to break the news ladies but it ain't going to happen. I have to get that out in the open right now, but let me explain why...

    This should probably become a public health advisory because of the populairty of waist trainers and buttocks implants. I'm going to debunk a lot of idealolgies here, so anyone reading this can have a healthy understanding of how a huge booty and slim waist is not within the realm of reality. 
    No different than how bros look up to bodybuilder's and think that their steriod infused musculature is "natural," women are decieved by big booty women with waists like that of a rail. All I can say are two words, plastic-surgery. Yup since butts are back in style so are butt implants. It's a dirty but true secret. That is why a marojity of women, and maybe some instagram models, with huge butts and slim waists achieve those "phat-asses." From implants to exporting and re-injecting fat around their glutes, crazy shit has been going on just to make a butt appear bigger.

 "Nice genes." 
 "Oh thanks, they're wranglers!" 


    Corny joke but genes do play a huge role in the waist to booty ratio. Some women have the gift of that perfect concoction of DNA, while others aren't so lucky. It's part of the cruel joke, or gift-from-the-heavens mother nature plays on us. No different than how one person can be 6ft tall and another can be 4ft 9in, genes play a huge role in how we look and how big our booties can be. 
    Naturally you don't see slim waists and huge butts, it's just not normal. If we think about it from an evolutionary standpoint, if hunter & gatherer women had huge asses and small waists they would not survive well in the wild. Honestly a bear would probably jack them ass first becuase it's such a huge target. From an physiology standpoint it doesn't add up. When someone appears "slimmer" it is due to a lower body fat perfcentage. So in reality if a lovely lady has a slimmer waist, it is due to lower body fat. With a lower body fat percentage their butt and thighs will appear slimmer as well. Human beings cannot simply loose fat in one location and save it in others, unless there is a scalpel involved. 


    Lastly, waist trainers...bum ba bum bum! It's kind of trippy that these contraptions really came back into style. These were huge in the victorian era but now they're back to make asses look juicy. The huge health implication with waist trainers are this; they add uneeded compressed to the internal organs. There is a reason why our stomachs can expand and contract, but when that feature is bypassed, things can get nasty real quick. Waist trainers can hurt digestion, cause blood clots, muscle strain, acid reflux, and a shortness of breath. Damaging one's health is not a sacrficie good enough just to get a bigger butt.         

    Take a deep introspective look at yourself and ask how you may benefit from a slim waist and huge butt. Don't compare yourself and your body to other "popular" physiques that everyone seens to envy towards. If you do this you will realize it is more of a social influence and form of body modification than an necessity.

 -Keep on Keepin' on
John D. Schaser