A Sweet Ass Problem...Admit it You're an Addict

Like hoards of zombies looking to chomp on a nice cerebral cortex or temporal lobe, modern humans act the same way when it comes to sugar.

     We all have an addiction, and the first step is accepting the problem. Don't believe me? Just look around...and please for the sake of god open your eyes when doing so. Literally everything contains something that is sweet, meant to be sweet, or is subtly sugary. Just go down the isle of any supermarket and you will see what I mean. It's even gotten so bad that we go out in search for "artificial" or "alternative-natural sweeteners" so we can still get our fix, but without the guilt. 

That's Ridiculous!

   You're telling me that the homo-sapien evolved thousands of years to simply become a junky for sugar, give me a break. None of our ancestors have had a sugar addiction at proportions this massive. They got lucky if they found fruit once in a while. Now flash forward to the year 2016, humans are buying bars of what usually is full of antioxidants, but now has become just a sugar bar...yup I'm even kicking chocolate in the balls. 

   This odd addiction places a weird veil over us, like a cloud casting a shadow that never let's us see the beautiful horizon. Sugar has taken over our lives and diets by just feeding up one dopamine rush with each bite. When we are born we even have sugar shoved down our throats. Most modern people are completely unaware of what an existence would be like when sugar is completely out of the equation (except for fruit here or there). It's a very enlightening experience to be able to have the human body function solely sugar free. I wish everyone in western culture can at least experience this once.

...but a guy can wish right?

    It comes down to this...we should been the acceptance phase and realize that sugar is not good for us. We need to just leave it to fruit to be our only source of sweetness and that's it. We are like junkies scouring the carpet for that one little piece of crack we dropped. We are doing the same non-sense by scouring the earth for plants that we can extract sugar from just so we feel less guilty about CALORIES!....WE HAVE  A PROBLEM!

    ..."In with the good, out with the bad..." Whew, now that I calmed down there is a moral to this rant. I want this post to open your eyes and to help you see down the rabbit hole that man has fallen into. Realize there is life without sugar and it feels pretty damn good. Try a sugar fast and or a sugar detox, tell me how you feel after and I'll assure you it will feel great.   

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser