3 Essential Morning mobility Warm Ups [YOU MUST DO!]

Feeling tight in the morning, like a bear waking up from hibernation? Then try these 3 exercises that will open your hips, loosen your back, and unfreeze those shoulders.

*Note: Pay attention to your body! If something does not feel right feel free to contact me anytime and I'll be happy to help. [CONTACT ME HERE]

1. Deep Squat 


    Though it's not glamorous, the deep squat is my #1 go to every morning to open up my hips, loosen my legs, and stretch my achilles/ankles. 


  1. Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart (the more narrow the stance the harder). 
  2. Keep feet parallel from one another. Then create torque in the leg by screwing your feet into the ground. The arches of your feet should raise and your knees will slightly externally rotate. 
  3. With a tall straight posture, start the movement by sitting the hamstrings back and bring your butt towards the ground.
  4. The longer you can stay in this position the better. 

5 mins awesome
10 mins sick
15 mins elite!

2. Alternating Cossack Squats


Now you can look a little like Ido Portal with this movement.


With cossack squats we are going to follow the same steps as the deep squat, yet we are going to start with a wider stance. 

  1.      -With feet wider than shoulder width apart, start squatting with one leg while keeping the opposite leg straight. 

     *Make sure to keep your feet parallel from one another. This will add a little ankle mobility to the movement (; 

      2. Once in the bottom position (or as deep as you can go), in a controlled manner transfer your weight laterally. This simply means shifting over to the opposite leg.     

     3. Start by straightening the squatted leg and squat with the previously straightened leg. 

*If this is too difficult at first simply stand up and out of the squat, switch legs, and begin squatting with the opposite leg. 

*THIS IS KEY! Focus on the contracted musculature. Nothing in this movement is disengaged. If not you could possibly injure the knee joint. 

3. Around the Head Rotations


 If the tin man knew about this exercise he'd be tossing the grease can in the trash! 


  1. Start by grabbing a kettlebell, weight plate, a cat, dog, dumbbell, pretty much anything that has some mass to it. 
  2. Hold the weight in front of your chest with the elbows tucked by your sides.  *We will initiate the movement with the left arm first. 
  3.  Keeping the right elbow close to the body, bring your left arm across your chest towards your right arm. 
  4.  From here take your right elbow and raise it up to the sky until the weight is behind your head. 
  5. Once the weight is behind the head, rotate your arms toward the left, bringing the right arm behind the head, and moving the left elbow towards the sky. 
  6. From here lower the left elbow towards the side of your body, and bring the right arm over the head. 
  7. Go back to he starting position and reverse the movement in the opposite direction.

  That's it! Try this morning mobilization routine and your body will thank you. 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser