#1 Diet Mistake Every Coffee Drinker Makes...

Welcome to Q104.9 wired in the morning, I'm your host John Schaser and we are going to teach you how to not fuck up coffee....

    Well, how to not make a cup of coffee that derails your health and diet. Let us begin......

  Countless times, and I mean countless times I see people ruin coffee. Not because they simply don't enjoy the essence of the bitter notes of a great brewed cup of Joe, but that they add all the wrong "extras" to it. Adults are like big kids in a sense, meaning that we all enjoy sweet things. Especially if what we are drinking doesn't necessarily taste great on it's own. Just take a look at alcohol, there's thousands of concotions to make it "taste better," but at the end of the day it still tastes like death. Just like alchohol, coffee is in the same boat. Many people don't enjoy the bitterness of a good cup of coffee so they dowse it with sugar, flavored creamers, and god knows what else. Then whenever someone just drinks coffee black all eyes in the room slowly stare and judgement begins to brew....get it? Brew, like how coffee bre...w....ohh forget it. 
    So here's a little breakdown for you. The average person who uses flavored creamers (80% of americans), use about 3-4 tablespoons, or 1-2 splashs (these ain't little either). Flavored creamer has about 1-2 grams of sugar per serving which equals 1 tablespoon. So basically the average person is pouring 4-8 grams of sugar in their coffee every morning....Let that just set in a bit.....you good?...ok lets get back to it. 
    That is a ton of sugar for just 8oz of water that was brewed threw some ground beans. Many individuals wonder why they have difficulty loosing weight when it all derives from how you start your morning. Even half & half and milk contain sugar as well. So even if you are not using flavored creamers the alternative can still bite you in the ass.

 Just for some added information sugar causes:

  •     Inflammation in the body 
  •     Fatty Livers
  •     Higher cholesterol 
  •     Metabolic dysfunction
  •     Oxidation within the body
  •     Weight gain

    ...need I go on?

    So what could be the alternative? If you enjoy creamer, switch to heavy cream. It may seem counter productive but there is 0 grams of sugar in one tablespoon, and trust me little goes a long way. If you still want your coffee to be sweet either use erythritol or other natural sweeteners that don't screw with your insulin levels. To add extra flare, throw in some MTC Oil or Coconut oil for some extra healthy fats, and cinnamon to defend against inflammation. Just by doing that you can start your day well without throwing your weight loss goals out the window. 

 -"Keep on Keepin' on"
John D. Schaser