Hollow Lifts! The ultimate Core Strength Exercise

Hollow Lifts - Core Strength Exercise 

Exercise Summary

Hollow lifts are a great bodyweight exercise that can be performed basically anywhere. It builds great strength and control within the core. These are perfect for building strength for handstands, levers, and other gymnast style skills. This exercise is used in the Bodyweight Endurance Workout

Exercise Steps

Step 1: On your back, point your toes and bring arms overhead fully extended. 

Step 2: Keep your back flat to the floor. 

Step 3:  At the same time lift your legs and upper body upward towards the sky. Imagine creating a banana shape with your body. 

Step 4: Hold the contraction at the top feeling the core engagement, then release. 

Tips & Safety: DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH! Make sure to keep low back flat to the ground to avoid any spinal injuries. 


"keep on keepin on"

-John S. 

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