3 Reasons Why Bodyweight Training Rocks! 😎🔥

Build A Killer Body only using your bodyweight

   I know, you're probably getting flashbacks of your elementary school gym teacher preaching about the benefits of pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Well guess what, you've should have listened! Bodyweight training is the single best way to build strength, muscle, and control over your body. 

    Why has bodyweight training (calisthenics) been underutilized by so many gym goers? There's a stigma behind bodyweight training that you can't build muscle using your own bodyweight. Thanks to meat heads worldwide this idealism has clogged the minds of so many. To banish this myth right off the bat check out people like  Chris Heria or Mike Fitch. These fellas are fit, strong, and have muscle.

Chris Heria - Why Bodyweight Training Rocks Health Alchemist Training

Chris Heria

Mike Fitch - Why Bodyweight Training Rocks Health Alchemist Training

Mike Fitch


Now below I am going to list the top 3 reasons why Bodyweight training is the shit. 

 Reason #1: Bodyweight Training Builds Strength. 

   "Pushups? Nah bro I'm just going to go bench to be strong!" 

   This is the typical response I hear from the average meathead at the gym. If you come across someone with this mindset or if you currently have one, try this exercise. In a strict pushup position, lower yourself down until you are half an inch from touching the ground. Now hold that position as long as you can without breaking strict form. I'll wait, go ahead, try it.... Tough right? If that wasn't challenging enough, try the same process, but this time stagger your hand and foot position. Place your left hand and right leg forward while your right hand and left leg are back in the starting position. Pretty much a low crawl position. Add a little flare to it and try crawling making sure to stay low. Told ya, it's narly! You don't need crazy weight to build a strong body.    

Reason #2: It's Cheap...cheap as fuck!

    People spend stupid money when it comes to becoming healthy. 

  • $60 gym membership
  •  $120 monthly small group classes
  • $100 fitness gear/clothing/B.S
  • $80 on supplements...

   See where I'm going here? That's why I love bodyweight training! Whether you're rich, poor, or middle class, you can rock out a killer workout using solely your bodyweight. If you have a body, small space, and ambition, you can kill an awesome workout, like this (click here to check It out).

Reason #3: Bodyweight training will build muscle. 

Yup this dude is a gymnast...American Badass!

Yup this dude is a gymnast...American Badass!

   Many people assume bodyweight training is not taxing enough on the body. Meaning it won't cause an anabolic effect where your body builds muscle. Smell some bullshit? Cause I do! Some of the best athletic physiques I ever have seen come from gymnasts. They're strong, fit, and jacked to the tits. What do they use to train with...hmmm they're bodyweight I presume. Want softball sized biceps? Start training like a gymnast and you'll be amazed with the results. 

   At the end of the day I'm not saying; "bodyweight training or die mofo!" No, what I want you to do is not overlook bodyweight training as a useless modality. If properly programmed you can get sick results. If you don't have a program click here (link) and I'll set you up with a program that will get you strong, jacked, and mobile with only using your body. 


    "keep on keepin' on"
    -John S.