Build A BulletProof Back with The Perfect Pull Up!

Exercise: Bar Pull Up

Pull Ups are a great way to build your body and a strong back! Yet most people perform them wrong and injure themselves. This tutorial is simple and straight forward and will show you the perfect pull-up!

Pro Tip: 

   If you have trouble performing pull-ups, start off with jumping pull-ups with slow tempo eccentrics. Tempo is the speed of the exercise being performed. The eccentric portion of the exercise, in this case, would be the lowering portion of the pull-up. 


  1.    Use slight momentum to jump up bringing your chest to the bar.
  2. Contract everything in your body (total body tension) and use a tight grip.
  3. Begin lowering your body down making sure to control of much of the movement as possible.
  4. Once in the bottom portion repeat. 


  •  Try performing 4 sets of 8 controlled, slow tempo repetitions. 😎💪🔥

"keep on keepin' on"

-John S.