Who is it suitable for?

One on one personal training is perfect for anyone regardless of previous exercise history, goals, or workout location. Everyone has different ambitions and that is why I tailor every workout for each individual. 

Where will we train?

In nature, at the beach, in a gym, or anywhere outdoors. Location is never a problem! If privacy is very important, and you want to maximize the time you have available to train, then I can bring all the equipment to you. This saves you time and money other than just going to a local gym. You don't need a home gym, or huge amount of space. A small room or garden is all we need to kick some ass and burn some calories. 

*If you prefer a gym setting we can train together at: 

  • Plaay Fitness & Yoga - Located on Asbury Ave in Ocean City NJ 
  • Or my home gym facility located in Milmay NJ

What are the Requirements?

There is only one requirement, the burning desire to become a fit badass!

How do I start?

Simply get in touch and we will schedule your free workout and health assessment. Here you can get a taste of my training style, then we can discuss your goals in depth and find out your medical history.

What's First?

Scheduling your first workout session. Then after our first workout I will give you a  health and range of motion assessment. This helps me test your strengths, weaknesses, and current state of health. This aids in individualizing a program suited just for you. 

Will I just receive a cookie cutter program?

HELL NO! Every program I create is designed specifically for you and your goals. Everyone has different body types, and that's why I emphasis on creating a program that will get you the most results. 



Take Action and start conquering your goals today! Get in contact and let's get started!